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Your Roof and Summer

Summer is an easy time to forget about roof maintenance! Check your roof to make sure it is in good condition for the upcoming season. We offer free inspections so you don't have to sweat it!

Roof Repair and Roof Maintenance in Summer

3 Ways Summer Affects Your Roof

  1. Direct Sunlight can be damaging! During the summer increase exposure to direct sunlight can make shingles dry, brittle and cracked, especially on older roofs.

  2. High Humidity Levels are common in our area. WE often endure extremely humid conditions with a rising summer temperature. During this time, condensation and moisture can develop possibly resulting in leaks and mold.

  3. Temperature changes from extremely high daytime temperatures to cooler nighttime temperatures can cause materials to expand and contract. Thermal shock weakens the roofing materials which can lead to the development of tensile stress and the propagation of cracks.

  4. HURRICAN SEASON IS APPROACHING! Summer Storms can leave you needing repairs or replacement. NOAA predicts above-normal 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season


Tips for Prevention

  1. Clear gutters and roof of debris

  2. Check Skylights or Vents for damage or debris and all areas with sealants are intact

  3. Check for worn, cracked or missing shingles

  4. Check for any signs mold

  5. Check to make sure all ventilation fans are working

  6. Trim all trees so that there are no overhanging branches

Have a free roof inspection performed by a top rated roofing company.

Call Rigid Roofing LLC today.


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