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Does my roof need to be inspected for hail damage?

You should have your roof inspected following any hail storm. Wind speed and direction also play a role in how much damage hail does to a roof. Even minor damage from hail and wind can have long-term consequences without repair. One small leak can cause major issues, including rot, mold growth, and damage to the structural integrity and interior of your home. During storm season, damage can become cumulative.

It is beneficial to arrange for a professional consultation, especially since you can easily receive a free inspection at no obligation from Rigid Roofing LLC! Just call 936-283-0200.

Does my roof need to be inspected? What to Look for on a Residential Roof...

Check out the signs that your roof has storm damage so you know when to call a professional for help. What to Look for on a Residential Roof:

  • Missing, cracked or broken shingles

  • Shingles on the ground near your home

  • Water leaks inside your home

  • Dented or damaged gutters

  • Debris on your roof, including broken tree branches that are still attached to trees

  • Exposed nails

In addition to checking the area surrounding the home for evidence of damage, you should check your gutters and downspouts. You may find fragments of your shingles or evidence that large pieces of debris that have hit your roof. If you notice damage to your gutters, siding, or decking, including minor dings and dents, the roof has probably also been damaged. It is recommended to clean your gutters after a storm to prevent debris from causing a water back-up. Call us today! 936-283-0200

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